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As of date, each night of our nature camp costs Rs. 1200/- to Rs. 1500/-. You may utilize these nights for your family or sell them in the market to reap the financial benefit. Validity of these camps is 3 years.
Validity: 11 Years
Basic Inclusions: 7 Nights stay in our Nature Camps
Valid for: 2 Adults and 2 Children below 12 years



We are a team of professionals from Tourism, Hospitality, Education, FMCG, Liquor and Wellness industry. The key person is a multitalented professional connected to tourism industry for last 44 years. Other important team members are also very enterprising people from different segments and have been very successfully using their creative assets to move ahead in life. We are all known for creating extraordinary concepts and projects and that is our key strength. Now we are keener to enlarge our team to a super level and use their enormous hidden potential for the benefit of everyone. Are you keen to join this great crusade to fulfill your financial dreams? This is just possible if you decide to buy our most exclusive - Rainbow Package worth Rs. 1,000/- only (+GST). You will not only enjoy the inclusions but other financial benefits mentioned in the following pages.


IBS Trio is the brainchild of our team of professionals coming from multiple business segments. The sole purpose of this concept is to uplift the living standard of a common man in the society. We are aware that the present market scenario has become a big burden especially for the middle class segment of our society. Jobs are not available in the market and the business opportunities are very risky and require huge amount of finance to meet the basic demand.

People are ready to work hard to live a comfortable life but the financial strain holds them back to achieve their targets. IBS Trio is a well designed triangle comprising of the company, you and the unlimited opportunities.

We have designed this theme allowing maximum benefits to our associates. In fact, the company will manage its profit from 10%, services part will be handled by 40% and rest 50% will be the benefit of our associates. We have five themes to suit your budget. This theme is a lifetime opportunity and opens the door of prosperity for all and sundry.

We welcome you to avail this grand opportunity. 

Special Gifts

Not just camping your Rainbow Package bundled with following special gifts, don’t forget to take additional benefit of these..

Free Shopping Points: 25000/- (Points)
Luxury Accommodation Discount: 20%
Adventure Discount: 10%
Motor Home Discount 10%
Tour Package Discount 10%
Hospitality Discount 10%
Vastu Consultant Discount 10%
Motor Caravan Discount 10%

Other Packages

Jumping Jacks Package
As of date, each night of

Rs. 31000/-

Super Helping Hands Package
As of date, each night of

Rs. 51000/-

Super Jumping Jacks Package
As of date, each night of

Rs. 101000/-

Helping Hands Package
As of date, each night of

Rs. 11000/-